Friday, September 7, 2007

Perfect World

Its my first day in my new job, first time to make my own blog and first time to share part of myself to public. I'm an online game fanatic and currently playing Perfect World Online. Its very unique from other online games that I played because it games you the authority to create you own 3d character from the style of his/her hair up to body build. You can choose from 3 races namely beast kind, wing kind and the human kind. Each kind has its pros and cons. Only Wing kind has the ability to fly even at level 1 because of their wings while the other two races can fly upon reaching level 30 (beasts ride on animals while humans on magical swords) and their specialty are range attacks and support. Beast kind are the lurer and tankers of the party because Males are very tough while Females are beast summoners because they are the only one who can tame pets (but they can be tankers too depending on the built) and only this kind can transform to either tiger or fox. This is the only kind who cannot wear mask and change the gender of its jobs. Humans are good in dealing with high damage because of melee or magic attacks. Each kind have 2 jobs that you can choose: Beast (a)Yao Shou - male character who can transform into a tiger and serves as the tanker because of his toughness (b)Yao Jing - female character who can tame and summon pets that's why most of the time they're the lurer of the party and have the ability to transform into a fox. Wing/Fairy (a) Yu Ling - Acts as the priest because of their support abilities or even magical attacks (b) Yu Mang - Archers who dealt with range attacks. Human (a)Wu Xia - Swordsman who have a high defense and have variety of weapons (b)Fa Shih - elemental magicians who can cast a great damage to whoever comes their way. So far this is just an introduction of the best online game that I played.


Raphael said...

dude nice blog! so ur into online gaming?

kegler747 said...

welcome to the blogging community!